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The Boeing 737/800 exists in many engines and cab version but it is now the medium-haul aircraft best suited in terms of autonomy and comfort for passengers on board, widely used around the world, it is highlighted for its high reliability and reasonable operating costs.

Direct competitor to the Airbus A320, it has a greater range and can decline a cabin high density 189 seats; Kevelair charters regularly this device because it corresponds perfectly to the expectations of our customers.

On incentive travel sports or theft, we use génralement the entire cabin on flights oil relatively long flight time, we only fifty passengers that stretch (night flights); finally flights pilgrimages, the aisle facilitates the handling of wheelchairs.


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Looking for an aircraft based Tel Aviv for summer

Kevelair is urgently looking for xtra capacity based Tel Aviv for sumer as per below :

Aircraft type : Airbus A320 / a321 /Boeing 737/400 or 800 / Boeing 757

Base : TLV

Minimum hours per month :200

Period from June till end of sep 2014

Type of contract : wet lease

Routes mainly Europe

Aircraft need to be Eu registered ; please send us your proposal on


Latest availabilities for charter flights





Here are some new airline this morning with a relatively current charge:
* Business aviation:

Vistajet, the Swiss company confirms order for Bombardier record of 56 aircraft, a good sign in this sector and growing company, will increase its impact on the business jet market.

* Airlines:

N * Hello Airlines has finally found a buyer and not definitively closed, damage to a very good company charter.

* ECAir, the Congolese company now serves Europe with Boieng 757; doubt that the company will expand into Africa and the growth of air transport is a major challenge for the continent. More applications for charter come from there and market equipment line that can be chartered is further reduced.

* President Barack Obama yesterday promulge law exempting American companies of the European Carbon Tax. Not sure appreciate Brussels!

* The French airlines bristle face ADP which wants to increase fees at the airports of Paris 3%. In a situation much worse for air, here’s a bad news.

* Airports:

* A group for the airport project of the Great West sent a letter to Vinci this morning asking for the addition of a station, in the current situation, it is also interresting entrendre of dissenting voices on this project.

* The new Berlin airport, which is already much delay would be too small for the number of passengers accueuillir provided with a possible saturation since opening in 2013.

* Vinci won the contract from the airport London Gatwick to its modernization.

* The charter:

Airlines such as agencies or tour operators awaiting the results of the Christmas season to be a trend throughout the winter Kevelair for its part, develops abroad now outside Europe to compensate for the decline local market.

Blue Panorama under chapter 11


Bad news last night with the press received the Italian company Blue Panorama, it expresses in chapter 11 in accordance with the ENAC (Italian Civil Aviation) but currently maintains its operating license.

The Italian company based in Rome essentially a special operation with a low-cost subsidiary “Blu Express” long-haul flights to Asia and Africa and a significant portion dedicated to charter flights and air charters of all types: series of thefts, or thefts spots incentive.

Blue Panorama operates four Boeing 737/300, 2 Boeing 734/400, 2 Boeing 757/200 and finally two Boeing 767/300, offering a wide range of capacities throughout Europe and has also developed a structure business jet with Piaggio.

Kevelair has until now worked with the company on various missions: flights to the champion’s league, flight operations and significant incentives for conventions and of course, flights pilgrimages to Europe.

Hopefully Blue Panorama straightens his situation in order not to disappear over a player in aviation and charter flights.

aviation business news

Many changes this week at the entrance of October, it would have to try to understand what is going on Boeing 757 American Airlines American company that is losing its seats and earn delays are everywhere the world, one of the press or not.

Is that the company is more than ever ready to stop its operations or a simple slump like all businesses can know? reply shortly but the image is very poor anyway.

The same side of the planet, Air Canada will launch in June 2013, a low cost airline to try to compete Wesjet, large national companies seem too after long hesitation, to mettrent at low cost (Air France and Lufthansa). In Brazil, the Gol airline ordered 60 Boeing 737 Max to strengthen its network camera with excellent performance impressive. Avianca for its part, continues to grow and its network of South American territory and control of an airbus 100 th and announced an increase in traffic of over 12%.

In India, the company Kingfisher suspends all flights on time and in great financial difficulty, the company is also facing strikes will not araanger the delicate situation of the carrier. In South Africa, the government endorse the carrier South African Airways (SAA) to the tune of $ 600 million to enable him to get back to sea.

Finally, some concern for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner from Seattle the other day (ANA device) which delayed the flight by 24 hours.

Side air charter, Kevelair now operates a flight to Greece incentive and operated yesterday on a flight to Israel moving sport; October is a busy charter flights of all types, but a range of seat above 100.



Kevelair now produces a summary of its activities during the first 3 years of operation the company Nantes who works more than 75% with foreign clients and will soon celebrate its 4 years, stands as a first assessment of the various charters operated in the world:

* 2009: rental of a line for 2 months for a Greek company (Airbus A320 with 180 seats) then rent a module Boeing 737/300 to 148 seats to complement the programs of the company. The flights were mainly scheduled flights to Europe and some charter flights in Spot.

* 2009: missions to return to Indonesia French rescuers and four other missions including an emergency evacuation of Central Asia and 2 in sub-Saharan Africa.

* 2009: GSA company DAT (Danish Air Transport) throughout the Southern Europe, including France. The Danish company has at the time a fleet of 17 Saab 340 type aircraft, ATR 42 and 72 and 2 MD, 83 and 87.

* 2009: many charter flights to Lourdes from Italy, UK and Spain mainly Airbus A321 or Boeing 220 seats 737/400 to 170 seats.

* 2010: Development of flights called “oil” with many shifts of employees mainly to Africa The West; night flights from the main European hubs to African destinations like Conakry, Pointe-Noire, Lagos. Special charter flights that require a large organization and a thorough knowledge of the technical and operational aspects.

* 2010: support for airports, Kevelair positioning devices on secondary platforms to operate seasonal routes to destinations ski or sun.

* 2010: string charter flights to Lourdes and many charter flights to the departure of pilgrims Italian cities (Naples, Rome, Bari, Rimini)

* 2010: Barcelona operations incentives with 8 devices and Budapest with 5 chartered airliners for a convention.

* 2011: signature of a second GSA with the Italian airline Air Vallee SPA to operate two charter jet Dorniers 328 30 seats; many missions incentive for charter flights but also sports, Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 sold.

* 2011: coverage of the Arab Spring in January with first flights from Tunisia to evacuate foreign nationals in January and true “air bridge” in February with European companies on all types of equipment for emergency flights from Cairo. More than 1,500 passengers evacuated on 6 days with a very important logistical and operational means important; charter types Airbus A320, A321 and Boeing 737/800 and 400. Emergency air evacuation also Tripoli.

* 2011: Lourdes flights chains but also Lisbon and Tel Aviv.

* 2011: Moves to ssportifs Champion s League Rugby and many flights throughout Europe.

* 2012: with the progress of society, Kevelair imposes itself on the market as the specialist air charter and know-how tailored it provides access to new markets plus incentives. The year 2012, although it is not yet completed and despite a crisis properly installed, allows Kevelair to continue its expansion into new markets and new niches. Rather than genuine buyers brokers, staffs approach the markets with a different vision of the airline, which now allows to have customers outside Europe.

By focusing on the experience of over 20 years in business aviation and charter, the company today will launch new products to help customers find solutions both close at airlines that match their expectations.

In 2013, Kevelair send pilgrims on Jmj Rio in Brazil, but also new channels operate charters to new modules.

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Back to the business after a strange summer , news of aviation industry

The summer has not been the hottest in the business of airlines and the travel industry, although we expect in France this weekend a heat wave! Most airports have noted a slight drop in traffic and airlines are already reducing their frequency to many countries, the crisis is over there and the many vagaries of international events, high oil prices and a new way to go on vacation have does the rest.

As for tour operators, the decrease is significant and will need to innovate on new destinations for this winter for airlines, regular or low cost, the season has not been good, here is some information in this note to summarize season:

* Air France is preparing a new plan which shall group activities, absorb regional companies into a single cluster and regain market share.
* Latam, the new contorsium American South, it grows at high speed with a new record control devices; market in South America will soon be comparable to the Asian market.
* After Thomas Cook, c ‘is the turn of Air Berlin to sell devices to generate cash and pass the course, however, Kuwait Airways seems to be going through difficult times.
* Ryanair made the headlines with devices running out of fuel on Spanish roads, is this a coincidence or a real policy of carrying fuel? Drivers this morning, accusing the company of pressure on fuel
* Ryanair also removes many routes to Morocco and to Finland and plans to park 80 aircraft this winter, new would try to know what happened.
* Xl Airways launches low cost in the Caribbean for Air Caraibes and Corsairfly, the battle has already begun but the company that operates long-haul flights to the U.S., knows this market segment.
* The low cost Italian Windjet had the greatest difficulty in maintaining its operations and is close to bankruptcy, the failure of negotiations with Alitalia has much to do.

Numerous airlines are parties since the beginning of the year, hope the market is stabilizing now

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