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Air charter, things to know

Air charter, things to know
If you want to charter a plane, you must first know the steps that will make up this charter and all the services that are included or not in your next flight; here is the decryption of your charter:

Private jet charter:

If you rent a private jet, you will usually have a lot of additional services available, the fuel will usually be fixed (therefore without variable part) and the taxes included. You will have to check that the services offered are in “business” airports, that catering and press services are included in your quotation and that you will have nothing more to pay before taking your flight. This type of charter is usually very simple and does not involve hidden costs if you do not ask well for particular services; you can often also benefit from a quick boarding, parking for your car.
Medium capacity chartering:

On a 19- to 70-seat charter for a sports trip or corporate shuttle, there too, fuel is generally fixed and passenger taxes are included; the given price is then fixed and the VAT is added if it is a national flight. Catering services are usually included, hot and cold drinks and a small sandwich. It is possible with additional costs to put on board the press, meal trays.
Chartering flights over 90 seats:

Passenger taxes are rarely included on this seat, except for a one-time flight on which the airline offers an all-inclusive price; Passenger taxes must therefore be added not according to the number of seats but in line with the number of passengers expected. A reconciliation is made after the flights but only if specified in the contract; on the other hand, if you miss some passengers on the day of the flight but that the company does not have the information, it will be little inclined to refund sums often derisory. Catering is also often additional cost and prices vary between 9 and 45 euro depending on your request. On the other hand, it is advisable to study well the base of computation of the fuel because it is a very important element and you can receive a notification of your broker before the flights with a tariff increase.
Important information: In all cases, it is important to have all the information regarding the capacity of the aircraft, the authorized baggage weight, the insurance levels and the information on the airlines offered. If you are chartering in winter, it is also possible to need a de-icing device and it is generally not included in the tariff proposals.
Kevelair details precisely all its quotes to allow better understanding and reading before making a choice; we only work on the measure to guarantee the best service to our customers