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This part is entirely dedicated to the airlines because it is about airline company to company. ACMI, Wet Lease or Damp Lease are reserved for operating companies


The English term refers to aircraft, crew, maintenance and insurance. the principle is to rent a plane with its crew and its maintenance to another airline that has needs. These needs can be:

o Aog or airplane failure requiring an external replacement
o Flight program overload
o One-off mission

In the acmi, fuel oil, handlings, crew fees and all other expenses related to flights are the responsibility of the company that charters. This lease is still subject to a contract and the minimum hours of flights are specified at the signature.

A reconciliation after the flights is usually made to calculate all the costs of this lease.

The wet lease

It is acmi but over a longer period, ranging from a few weeks to several months. Subject to a contract with a minimum monthly, the wet lease uses the crews of the company rented for its duration.

The damp Lease

Same concept as the wet lease but the crews are mixed, that is to say that often the flights are operated with technical crews of the company rented (the pilots) with cabin crew of the company that rent the apparatus.

Several contract modifications are possible, both in the wet lease and in the damp lease.

There is also the Dry lease which consists of renting a “bareboat” but it is a different kind of gutter that we do not operate.

Here are some examples of operated lease

o Positioning of a Boeing 737 400 aircraft on Greece for summer 2010 program
o Replacement of regular lines with a BAE 146 on a regular airline in France in 2011
o Rental of an ATR42 aircraft on Latin America for a 6-month charter program in 2013

For the past 10 years, Kevelair has been supplying all types of devices for line repairs, line replacements and new programs. We propose also the following :

1 Urgent subcharter

In case of AOG, we are checking in our availabilities and provide you as soon as possible a replace aircraft to guarantee your operation. We operate worldwide and have access to instant availability for any type of aircraft . From 4 to 500 seats , we are monitoring each week constant availability to ensure a quick service to airlines and clients .

2 Wet lease or damp lease

You wish to develop new routes and want to add an aircraft from another airline? Send us your request and we will check with our partners bow to integrate in your fleet another aircraft; It could be wet lease or damp lease. In case of wet lease , we provide the full crews with commercial , in case of damp lease , you will provide the commercial crew and will provide the cockpit crews plus the instructor .

3 “Heavy ACMI”

For startup airlines, it is often better to start in “heavy ACMI”, means renting an aircraft and flights numbers from another carrier. Such type of operation need a complete study and sometimes , airlines are asking for guarantees as they are in between the client and the providers such as fuel, handling and overflights cost .

We have been working many years in different charter airlines , know perfectly the advantages and default of each type of aircraft and as broker, we inform you about the best solution .

By @kevelair

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