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Covid , the new charter agreement


Affrètement avion mice

With the Covid 19 pandemic which has affected air charter since March, Kevelair is setting up special contracts to guarantee customer tranquility:

Kevelair Group has faced the Covid19 crisis with a very heavy workload since the beginning of March. Indeed, the company specializing in emergency evacuations, has flown on all continents to repatriate tourists, business personnel and others.

The cargo activity also saw strong growth from May for the transport of masks and medical equipment. Today, and in order to best meet the expectations of its customers, Kevelair is setting up charter contracts with a Covid clause.

How does it work?

The travel agency, tour operator or other company confirms a flight with us. The charter contract is then drafted but a “covid” clause appears in it. This clause stipulates that the customer can cancel his trip free of charge 30 days before his departure if the conditions do not allow normal travel.

How to determine the travel conditions?

For this free cancellation of contract to be valid, the destination must be closed to all air traffic, and the destination airport must not be able to receive the plane. In addition, the civil aviation of the country concerned must issue a document to this effect.

Less than 30 days prior to charter flights?

If the contract arrives within the period of 30 working days before the flights, a flat fee calculated in advance by the airline company is applied. Upon confirmation, the customer will be aware of the amount of costs incurred if the theft does not operate.

On the private jet, how does it work?

The problem with renting a private jet is very different because this type of business flight does not contract a long time in advance. Case-by-case solutions would then be found in order to best meet customer expectations.

Are cargo flights affected?

On special cargo flights, it is difficult to apply the same conditions, a postponement or a change of airport can be proposed. Each case is unique in this segment of air transport.

What health measures on charter flights?

Charter companies apply the same health rules as regular airlines on flights. Nevertheless, Kevelair also ensures that the operators offer packs of disposable masks as well as hydro-alcoholic gel on board in order to guarantee the safety of passengers.