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Charter a religious flight with our company is the easiest way to organize your pilgrimage . Our air charter company is an expert in thoses types of flights


 1 A long experience

As we worked many years in charter airlines, KEVELAIR is the leader in pilgrimage and fly every month the religious destinations: Lourdes, Roma, Lisbon and several other religions places. Holy Land is also one of our main destination in the world and we flew also for the WYD . We participate for years in small series to the best places for pilgrimage purposes and know perfectly the airports we are proposing, do offer assistance on ground also and several services for the flights . We know each type of passenger, country by country and we prepare our flights taking all parameters in consideration .

2 The pilgrimage flight, what to know?

Such type of flights are very particular and different from a country to another one. Points that are important to know are services on board, the special request for assistance and a perfect knowledge of aviation rules regarding disable people and sick passengers. We always study each case before chartering an aircraft to ensure the best service for such type of passengers . We know also the request for wheelchair , oxygen permission and most of the items allowed on board the aircraft we are chartering . We always propose catering services and have assistance on ground to follow up our operation and the passengers request .

3 Which price for a pilgrimage charter?

Depending of the departure point, KEVELAIR is always searching the best solution to provide to its client, knowing perfectly the cost of the routes and the potential airlines able to match. We can of course fly from any departure airport to religious points with a suitable aircraft solution . We also provide some ferry flights , sale last empty seats to reduce the cost for our clients .

4 Our main destinations

Kevelair is proposing every month several options to main destinations as per below :

  • Lourdes in France for adhoc flights, series and groups
  • Fatima in Portugal with flights to Lisbon
  • Roma in Italy for series, adhoc , series of flights or groups
  • Holy Land in Tel Aviv, Israel for groups, adhoc and series
  • Mostar in Bosnia for Medjugorge
  • and all WYD destinations for years.
  • and we fly from Germany, Austria,Belgium, Irland, Uk, Italy,Usa, Spain, Portugal and many african countries for several destinations .

Flights Pilgrimages

All those wishing to visit the holy places use charter capacities around the world. We are talking about pilgrimages flights.
Charter a flight for a pilgrimage:
Pilgrimage flights generally operate on capacities above 130 seats because the average coupon price (PMC) is lower, which allows to produce an all-inclusive stay on holy sites.

To charter a charter flight of pilgrims, we need to know the following:

o Number of passengers
o Baggage weight
o Passengers with special features (disabled)
o Services requested on board
o Stopover services (passenger assistance)
o And of course the destinations

The main pilgrimage operations for 10 years:
o Lourdes with yearly flight chains from all countries of Northern and Southern Europe
o Lourdes also with charters from Africa
o Lisbon every winter and summer with Fatima and pilgrim flights from Italy
o Rome with the Vatican that we operate regularly
o Tel Aviv, the Holy Land in flight chains
o World Youth Days where we offer capacity on each edition (the last in 2019 in Panama)

Of course, we do not limit our know-how to a particular religion, but feel that we do not have the necessary contacts for other types of pilgrimages. However, we are always listening to our customers.

Kevelair is really well known on this market and airlines trust us about flights preparation ; please feel free to contact us with your projets and we will get in touch with you very soon .

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