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Charter Series

The charter flights are often operated for travel agencies who wish to rent a plane for their stays or circuits. They are declined in adhoc flight or series of flights.

The adhoc flight

This is a plane charter for a one-time mission that usually includes one-way and one-way return. The travel agency or the company finds a destination and builds from it the terrestrial offer with the transports, the hotels and the different activities or excursions on the spot. It then offers a turnkey tourism product to its customers and commits to a number of defined seats.

How to choose your charter offer?

If you want to charter a charter flight, you need to know the capacity you want to operate in advance in order to optimize the profitability of this operation. When committing to a line device, you must know beforehand if you are in danger of having cancellations or overbooking of seats.

Often, we recommend renting a device without the passenger taxes in order to better manage the reservations and not to lose the remaining seats in terms of taxes.

The basics of a charter flight

An airplane chartered for a charter flight involves the rental of the aircraft with crews, fuel, airport assistance for the aircraft (handlings), check-in desks and passenger assistance as for a regular flight.

The charter operates for the passengers as a regular flight, the flight is displayed on the screens of the departure airports, the check-in desks are the same and the passengers are subjected to the same procedures: filtering, customs if international flights.

Depending on the airline offers, the services provided on board are included or not. The trend over the last few years is to offer a plane without catering (drinks and meals served on board) to reduce costs.

The recent development of the system “Buy on Board” (choice on board with payment directly by the passenger of its services) is a good formula to consider on a charter flight.

Charter charter

Like all non-scheduled air transport contracts, it must include the following elements:

o The name of the airline
o The type of device
o The number of seats on board
o The number of passengers expected
o Departure and arrival times in local hours
o Universal departure and arrival times (UTC), a system that is used by world air transport.
o The terms of payment
o Cancellation conditions
o The amount of the passenger taxes if they are not included.

Before committing to your air charter

It is advisable to know the price of the fuel at the time of the confirmation of your flight because the price of the oil is indexed on the prices and the rates of exchange euro dollar.

Finally, if you operate in winter season, it is always important to know if the aircraft deicing fees are included or not.

Series of charter flights


1 Charter series

Our permanent view on the aviation market allows us to propose various solutions to tour operators and travel agencies to find the best solution for series : summer series to sunshine cities, winter ski program and cruise.

2 Shorthaul series

From any type of airport, we can provide you the correct number of seats, the good airline to work with and the success of your operation. KEVELAIR is also providing charter solutions to many airports, important or smaller ones.

3 Longhaul series

Winter series to the Carribean or Asia, we do have a large panel of airlines providing special destinations.

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