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Chartering a plane

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Chartering a plane

There are several methods to charter a plane as there are a large number of planes to charter. Below, here are the main lines of the air charter:

The principle of chartering an airplane:

Chartering an airplane is like renting a plane for private or business reasons to move from point A to point B. The principle is different from a regular flight because the aircraft “belongs to you” during the flight it becomes a private charter flight. By charting a flight, you create a special flight for your needs.

When to charter an airplane:

Air chartering becomes essential if the regular lines do not match your expectations in terms of schedules, connections and often costs if you are a company and you carry many of your employees. Indeed, a regular company will only take part of your workforce with fixed schedules and established programs.

If you can not find the destination, the schedules and the number of seats required, chartering an airplane becomes the right solution to organize your event, your company shuttle or others.

The possibilities in chartering a device:

Many possibilities are then offered to you but the most important thing is that you decide the dates, the destination and the schedules that you wish. Of course, many parameters are taken into account, but generally, charter flights correspond to the needs of customers.

In addition, you can then find with your air charter, many ancillary services that will make your charter flight a real experience!

The choice of services on board, the ability to customize the interior of the aircraft with headrest or welcome kits, recording screens, are the services you will be offered for your flights.

Choose your plane charter:

At first, you need to know the number of participants in your event so that we can determine together the correct choice of the device to set up. Depending on your needs, we will direct you to a type of aircraft more suited to your flight.

Aircraft Chartering and Security:

For a long time, the “charter flight” had a pejorative connotation, thinking that because it was a charter, the security conditions were not the same. Wrong because commercial aviation in the 2000s means that regular or non-scheduled airlines (charter airlines) are subject to the same aviation safety, training and maintenance rules.

In many cases, the civil aviation authorities look a little more closely at the approval levels of the charter companies since the charter word is opposed in principle to the regular word.

Conditions to charter an airplane:

Apart from private jet flying available to all, aircraft charters are often used by the following types of customers:

o Travel agencies or tour operators
o Communication or event agency
o Manufacturer companies of cars, boats or motorcycles for product launches
o Agencies specialized in MICE (Meeting, Incentive, congress and events)
o Small, medium and large businesses
o sports clubs
o And all other types of customers who are looking for a private flight.

Charter a plane with Kevelair:

Air transport specialists, we know first of all 98% of the fleet of aircraft in circulation, the advantages and disadvantages of each of them. Upon receiving a call or email, we know in advance which company and what type of aircraft may be suitable for creating this special flight. Our job is to charter planes around the world, so we control costs and all issues related to comfort and safety.
Kevelair never delivers aircraft when the company does not have all the official papers of the company, its level of training and maintenance.

Finally, we respond to all requests in record time, which makes us the leaders of the bespoke charter aircraft. We deliver the sky everywhere in the world and do have some offices in Europe and America .