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Krakow Balice John Paul II


Krakow or Krakow Balice Airport was renamed John Paul II in honor of the Polish Pope who lived in the city long before his pontificate; military until 1963, it will open to civilian traffic and sees its rise until late thanks to the arrival of low cost airlines.

Today, the annual number of passengers is around 3.6 million passengers, making it the second country behind Warsaw. Its IATA and ICAO codes are KRK EPKK and it can accommodate any type of aircraft without any restrictions.

Located about 11 kilometers west of the city, buses will get you to the city center and a taxi service is available.

In addition to numerous regular flights to Europe mainly, the airport is also a charter Therefore airport. It accommodated the charter flights for the 2016 World Youth Day in July of next year.

Main destinations on the year: Europe, Africa

Top Destinations in season: Spain, Greece, Morocco, Turkey and sun destinations

Long haul: punctual flights chains

In charter: all destinations with major events such as sports travel, corporate shuttles or conventions.