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Copenhagen Airport 

Copenhagen Airport

Copenhagen Airport (sometimes “Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup”, in Danish: Københavns Lufthavn, Kastrup) is the international airport of Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen.

Extensive of 1,100 hectares, it occupies the south-east of the island of Amager on the parish of Kastrup located in the municipality of Tårnby and more marginally, on that of Dragør. The airport is 8 km from Copenhagen city center and 24 km from Malmö city center.

Kastrup is the main hub of Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) . In 2009, the airport saw close to 60,000 passengers a day, an annualized traffic of 19.7 million passengers. It is thus, at this date, the most important airport of the Nordic countries, followed closely, in passenger traffic, by the Oslo-Gardermoen international airport and then by Stockholm-Arlanda airport. Copenhagen Airport is owned by Københavns Lufthavne, which is 39% owned by the Danish State and also owns Roskilde Airport.

Copenhagen Airport is connected to the city center by the M2 metro line from Copenhagen with the Lufthavnen station. A direct connection to Copenhagen Central Station (København H) is offered by the Danske StatsBaner trains (best journey time in 2013: 12 minutes) serving the Copenhagen-Kastrup airport station. The airport is also served by long-distance trains to / from other parts of Denmark and Sweden, including the Copenhagen-Malmö line.

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