Business jets rental


Business jets rental 

How to rent a business jet ? What is the price for an air taxi ? How long to start flying ? All answers with Kevelair team . 

Kevelair offers a panel of more than 6000 planes spread all over the world for your private jet charters. Air taxi for short distances or long-haul jets, our teams answer you 24 hours a day. In this time of the Covid19 pandemic, the safest way to travel is to rent a private jet. Use of business airports with few contacts, boarding in 5 minutes and absolute comfort. The private jet solution allows you to save time and reach secondary airports not served by regular lines. A simple call or message and we set up the device while guaranteeing comfort, flight safety and health security.


Covid : Where to travel this winter ?

At the end of September, here is an exhaustive list of the countries where you can travel this winter. Europe or other continents


In Europe, many countries are open without any restrictions; Portugal, Romania, Italy, Spain and some Baltic countries. Other countries ask for forms before they can re-enter, some for hotel reservations. Forms need to be completed and your airline can provide you with more information. Traditional ski destinations outside France will depend on the country chosen.

If you are looking for a sunny destination because winter holidays are conducive to distant trips, here are some options to follow:

America :

For the moment, the situation is still complicated in the USA but you can however visit Mexico, the Dominican Republic which is making great efforts to attract tourists, Costa Rica and Panama. Colombia, Ecuador. These countries require tests with a short validity but do not (to date) impose a quarantine period.


On the Asian continent, South Korea can receive tourists. On the other hand, no precise information yet on the other countries of the continent.


Morocco has opened its borders just like Tunisia! Further down, Ethiopia, Kenya and Namibia are open.

The other countries :

Countries are not mentioned in this article but today it is advisable to check each destination carefully. Some destinations can turn out to be complicated when borders are closed, as was the case in the spring.


Our air charter company works on many files but which mainly concern travel, the rental of private jets.

Have a nice trip everyone and enjoy! Covid will one day be a bad memory


Covid , the new charter agreement


Affrètement avion mice

With the Covid 19 pandemic which has affected air charter since March, Kevelair is setting up special contracts to guarantee customer tranquility:

Kevelair Group has faced the Covid19 crisis with a very heavy workload since the beginning of March. Indeed, the company specializing in emergency evacuations, has flown on all continents to repatriate tourists, business personnel and others.

The cargo activity also saw strong growth from May for the transport of masks and medical equipment. Today, and in order to best meet the expectations of its customers, Kevelair is setting up charter contracts with a Covid clause.

How does it work?

The travel agency, tour operator or other company confirms a flight with us. The charter contract is then drafted but a “covid” clause appears in it. This clause stipulates that the customer can cancel his trip free of charge 30 days before his departure if the conditions do not allow normal travel.

How to determine the travel conditions?

For this free cancellation of contract to be valid, the destination must be closed to all air traffic, and the destination airport must not be able to receive the plane. In addition, the civil aviation of the country concerned must issue a document to this effect.

Less than 30 days prior to charter flights?

If the contract arrives within the period of 30 working days before the flights, a flat fee calculated in advance by the airline company is applied. Upon confirmation, the customer will be aware of the amount of costs incurred if the theft does not operate.

On the private jet, how does it work?

The problem with renting a private jet is very different because this type of business flight does not contract a long time in advance. Case-by-case solutions would then be found in order to best meet customer expectations.

Are cargo flights affected?

On special cargo flights, it is difficult to apply the same conditions, a postponement or a change of airport can be proposed. Each case is unique in this segment of air transport.

What health measures on charter flights?

Charter companies apply the same health rules as regular airlines on flights. Nevertheless, Kevelair also ensures that the operators offer packs of disposable masks as well as hydro-alcoholic gel on board in order to guarantee the safety of passengers.



Cargo plane, cargo plane charter

Cargo plane, cargo plane charter

With the Covid19 pandemic, Kevelair set up cargo flights from Asia to other continents. Cargo planes or airliners converted for the occasion.

The Covid19 pandemic has been hitting the world for several months now. Initially, the air broker took care of repatriation flights. In fact, many charter flights have been operated from different airports around the world to the countries of origin.

On four continents with devices of all types, urgent evacuations take place. But for a few weeks now, it has been a matter of transporting medical equipment. Masks, Covid test, are thus transported from Asia to other countries.

For this, we charter cargo planes but the demand is very high so we offer modified airliners. On board, tarpaulins are installed on the seats to load boxes and other bags. The use of bunkers is maximum, but the loading of the cabins allows the volumes transported to be increased. The aircraft are wide-body aircraft such as Airbus A330 or A340, Boeing 767 or even B777.

In order to best respond to the many requests, a cargo specialist takes care of the files with you. Contact there on and in copy for a quick response.

You can also reach us by phone at +33. (0) Take care of yourself




Covid , la gestion Kevelair group

Covid , la gestion Kevelair group

Kevelair Group est spécialisé dans l’affrètement aérien partout dans le monde . Vols spéciaux, évacuations aériennes et vols cargo urgents.

Depuis le milieu de mars , nous effectuons des vols de rapatriement toutes les semaines sur 4 continents et opérons aussi des vols cargo pour du matériel médical . En effet , dès le début de la pandémie du Covid-19 , la société nantaise à mis a disposition des appareils .

Les premiers vols ont concerné du personnel de grandes entreprises européennes depuis le Moyen-Orient puis l’Afrique de l’Ouest . Ensuite , des vols avec des passagers désireux de rejoindre leur pays d’origine sont mis en place.  La préparation des vols demande une base opérationnelle réactive .

Enfin,  Kevelair opère des vols sur l’Asie en passagers mais aussi en cargo pour du matériel médical . La société nantaise fête cette année ses 11 ans d’exploitation .

Issue de la crise financière de 2008 , le spécialiste du sur mesure en affrètement aérien propose de nombreuses solutions en affrètements et location .



Air Charter, the good year

Evacuation flights


Air charter, the good year

Kevelair, the specialist in tailor-made air charter, wishes you all the best for this new year.

2019 was a complicated year for air transport and tourism, especially in Europe. The fall of several airlines such as Aigle Azur or Xl Airways has complicated the charter market. In addition, the disappearance of the giant Thomas Cook has left thousands of passengers helpless.

Thomas Cook disappeared with his airlines, only Condor in Germany and Thomas Cook Airlines in Scandinavia remain. A good thing that these two companies remain in the European and extra European skies. It should also be noted that many other European “small companies” have also stopped their operations.

The fall of this black September for air transport and tourism has left many traces in the sector; stranded passengers, lost tickets and many agency bankruptcies.

2020 is therefore a year of transition and reconquest of the tourism sector. Indeed, economic models are changing, as are travel habits.

Kevelair, for its part, is entering its twelfth year of operation by offering tailor-made air services. The rental of jets or charter flights on demand are the main directions for this new year. However, the disappearance of many companies has complicated the job of air charterer. Indeed, the number of available aircraft decreasing, prices increase over certain pivotal periods in the charter flight.

To conclude, our company based in Nantes and on the American continent, continues to produce each year hundreds of charter flights, flight series or private aircraft in business aviation with the same philosophy of service and safety above all. .

Happy New Year !






Realization of a charter flight

Air charter broker

Business travel concept.Generic design of white luxury private jet flying in blue sky at sunset.Uninhabited desert mountains on the background.Horizontal, flares effect. 3D rendering.

Realization of a charter flight

When you confirm a flight with your air broker, you wonder what the next steps are. Here they are by chronology:

The confirmation of the charter:

Your broker asks you for a written confirmation of your next charter flight in order to have a frame of your file. This must include, in addition to the price, the times requested and the number of passengers and details that best prepare the flight.

From this moment, the broker communicates with the company designated to operate the flight by sending in turn, all the hourly elements and details provided by the customer.

Generally, this confirmation is sent to the commercial department of the airline.

Therefore, the different services are contacted by the sales department and it is called “flight launch”. Generally, a card is established to give the elements in all the services concerned. The plane schedule then returns the flight on a device.
Then, the crew planning service gradually affects the sailors on this mission.

Then come the catering services for meals on board and stopovers.

Finally, flight operations are informed because they are the ones who manage the flight on the day. The operation then handles airport authorization requests, take-off and landing slots as well as fueling elements.

The week of the flight:

In the week of the flight, the different services are coordinated in order to adjust the last details, add elements to allow optimal exploitation. Often, stops are contacted to know if on their side, everything is ready to receive the flight. Flight placement, the “ferry” as the aerial language names them, are checked.

The day before the flight:

The charter company checks the day before or 72 hours before the day that all the components of this chartered flight are in place. A weather point is made, especially over the winter period. Indeed, fog, low ceiling or snow or ice disturbances are always possible.

D-Day Air Charter:

The broker communicates with the stopovers to know if everything is going well at the level of the recording but also with the operations to know the last information on the flight.
The relay is then carried out with the client who is constantly informed of the status of his charter flight


Winter charters

Winter Charters

Kevelair offers all winter numerous charter possibilities for planes for ski or sun stays; in private jet type flight or in charter of airliner, our company meets all needs on the Christmas period and on the whole of winter.

On the main ski resorts this winter, we charter medium-capacity aircraft type Atr72 or Dash8-300 to reach the mountain airports and access stations. These flights are operated by tour operators or agencies specializing in ski holidays and the destinations are Chambery, Annecy or Geneva airport.

For sun destinations, we will fly from Italy to Egypt, which is back on the air charter market or the Caribbean in business jet.

Kevelair offers a wide variety of air solutions for your travel and we will also operate private flights to Las Vegas for CES.



Air Charter for Mice

Air Charter for MICE ✈️

To ensure the success of your next Mice operation, the best option in terms of organization is to go through an air charter. Here are the main reasons:

What is Mice?

MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferencing, Exhibitions) is a type of tourism in which large groups organize events for their employees and / or customers. The term “teambuilding“,  is also used a lot and aims to strengthen teams around a special event.

The elements of Mice:

The organization of a business seminar or a challenge for companies has many elements. Often managed by its specialized travel agencies or communication agencies, these event solutions take into account many parameters:

 The period of the event; in general, the Mice in Europe are done on the last week of August, the periods September of September and finally on the month of January.
 The number of participants
 The destination (we will come back to it later)
 The hotels
 Transfers
 On-site activities.

In addition, the event can be simply festive and include a meeting and a gala evening. But it can also be a working seminar and include only a closing party.

Mice destinations:🌍

affréter un avion kevelair


In Europe, Mice focuses on Mediterranean destinations like Italy, Greece, Spain or Malta. However, a part of its seminars is also organized in the Maghreb countries, especially Morocco.

Then, for more distant destinations, the Mice are also often on the Caribbean or the American continent. Sun destinations, they usually operate in the winter to have a greater impact.

Finally, Nordic countries like Lapland for example are real Mice destinations.

But it should be added that many cities also attract business seminars. Budapest, Prague, the Baltic countries are a trend in strong development.

Aircraft chartering for Mice


affréter un avion kevelair

The air charter part is one of the most important components for the success of your next event.

Indeed, the air transport part on demand is going to be the base of your proposal because it constitutes the base of your Mice. The choice of the destination will be matched with the price of your air charter.

Depending on the number of passengers, the destination (airports) and the dates chosen, our teams will guide you to the best choice of aircraft. Simply send us your specifications and your distribution of guests according to the departure cities.

Then there are a number of aircraft rental solutions and we will propose a solution adapted to your needs.

More services of plane charter for Mice:

The services offered are numerous and allow you to customize your next event:

 Customizing screens at registration
 Distribution of boxes on board aircraft
 Custom Edge Ad
 Headstars in the colors of the event
 Special catering
 Airport assistance

Our company and incentive flights:

For the last 10 years, our company has been organizing incentive flights and Mice operations all over the world, first and foremost on the quality of listening and advice to our customers.

Experts in air transport, we analyze options together and guide you in the choice of aircraft charters.

Then we set up our operations to manage the aerial part of your Mice.

Air charter services is our job.

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