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Many changes this week at the entrance of October, it would have to try to understand what is going on Boeing 757 American Airlines American company that is losing its seats and earn delays are everywhere the world, one of the press or not.

Is that the company is more than ever ready to stop its operations or a simple slump like all businesses can know? reply shortly but the image is very poor anyway.

The same side of the planet, Air Canada will launch in June 2013, a low cost airline to try to compete Wesjet, large national companies seem too after long hesitation, to mettrent at low cost (Air France and Lufthansa). In Brazil, the Gol airline ordered 60 Boeing 737 Max to strengthen its network camera with excellent performance impressive. Avianca for its part, continues to grow and its network of South American territory and control of an airbus 100 th and announced an increase in traffic of over 12%.

In India, the company Kingfisher suspends all flights on time and in great financial difficulty, the company is also facing strikes will not araanger the delicate situation of the carrier. In South Africa, the government endorse the carrier South African Airways (SAA) to the tune of $ 600 million to enable him to get back to sea.

Finally, some concern for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner from Seattle the other day (ANA device) which delayed the flight by 24 hours.

Side air charter, Kevelair now operates a flight to Greece incentive and operated yesterday on a flight to Israel moving sport; October is a busy charter flights of all types, but a range of seat above 100.