Here are some new airline this morning with a relatively current charge:
* Business aviation:

Vistajet, the Swiss company confirms order for Bombardier record of 56 aircraft, a good sign in this sector and growing company, will increase its impact on the business jet market.

* Airlines:

N * Hello Airlines has finally found a buyer and not definitively closed, damage to a very good company charter.

* ECAir, the Congolese company now serves Europe with Boieng 757; doubt that the company will expand into Africa and the growth of air transport is a major challenge for the continent. More applications for charter come from there and market equipment line that can be chartered is further reduced.

* President Barack Obama yesterday promulge law exempting American companies of the European Carbon Tax. Not sure appreciate Brussels!

* The French airlines bristle face ADP which wants to increase fees at the airports of Paris 3%. In a situation much worse for air, here’s a bad news.

* Airports:

* A group for the airport project of the Great West sent a letter to Vinci this morning asking for the addition of a station, in the current situation, it is also interresting entrendre of dissenting voices on this project.

* The new Berlin airport, which is already much delay would be too small for the number of passengers accueuillir provided with a possible saturation since opening in 2013.

* Vinci won the contract from the airport London Gatwick to its modernization.

* The charter:

Airlines such as agencies or tour operators awaiting the results of the Christmas season to be a trend throughout the winter Kevelair for its part, develops abroad now outside Europe to compensate for the decline local market.