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Back to the business after a strange summer , news of aviation industry

The summer has not been the hottest in the business of airlines and the travel industry, although we expect in France this weekend a heat wave! Most airports have noted a slight drop in traffic and airlines are already reducing their frequency to many countries, the crisis is over there and the many vagaries of international events, high oil prices and a new way to go on vacation have does the rest.

As for tour operators, the decrease is significant and will need to innovate on new destinations for this winter for airlines, regular or low cost, the season has not been good, here is some information in this note to summarize season:

* Air France is preparing a new plan which shall group activities, absorb regional companies into a single cluster and regain market share.
* Latam, the new contorsium American South, it grows at high speed with a new record control devices; market in South America will soon be comparable to the Asian market.
* After Thomas Cook, c ‘is the turn of Air Berlin to sell devices to generate cash and pass the course, however, Kuwait Airways seems to be going through difficult times.
* Ryanair made the headlines with devices running out of fuel on Spanish roads, is this a coincidence or a real policy of carrying fuel? Drivers this morning, accusing the company of pressure on fuel
* Ryanair also removes many routes to Morocco and to Finland and plans to park 80 aircraft this winter, new would try to know what happened.
* Xl Airways launches low cost in the Caribbean for Air Caraibes and Corsairfly, the battle has already begun but the company that operates long-haul flights to the U.S., knows this market segment.
* The low cost Italian Windjet had the greatest difficulty in maintaining its operations and is close to bankruptcy, the failure of negotiations with Alitalia has much to do.

Numerous airlines are parties since the beginning of the year, hope the market is stabilizing now

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