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Cargo plane, cargo plane charter

Cargo plane, cargo plane charter

With the Covid19 pandemic, Kevelair set up cargo flights from Asia to other continents. Cargo planes or airliners converted for the occasion.

The Covid19 pandemic has been hitting the world for several months now. Initially, the air broker took care of repatriation flights. In fact, many charter flights have been operated from different airports around the world to the countries of origin.

On four continents with devices of all types, urgent evacuations take place. But for a few weeks now, it has been a matter of transporting medical equipment. Masks, Covid test, are thus transported from Asia to other countries.

For this, we charter cargo planes but the demand is very high so we offer modified airliners. On board, tarpaulins are installed on the seats to load boxes and other bags. The use of bunkers is maximum, but the loading of the cabins allows the volumes transported to be increased. The aircraft are wide-body aircraft such as Airbus A330 or A340, Boeing 767 or even B777.

In order to best respond to the many requests, a cargo specialist takes care of the files with you. Contact there on and in copy for a quick response.

You can also reach us by phone at +33. (0) Take care of yourself