Covid : Where to travel this winter ?

At the end of September, here is an exhaustive list of the countries where you can travel this winter. Europe or other continents


In Europe, many countries are open without any restrictions; Portugal, Romania, Italy, Spain and some Baltic countries. Other countries ask for forms before they can re-enter, some for hotel reservations. Forms need to be completed and your airline can provide you with more information. Traditional ski destinations outside France will depend on the country chosen.

If you are looking for a sunny destination because winter holidays are conducive to distant trips, here are some options to follow:

America :

For the moment, the situation is still complicated in the USA but you can however visit Mexico, the Dominican Republic which is making great efforts to attract tourists, Costa Rica and Panama. Colombia, Ecuador. These countries require tests with a short validity but do not (to date) impose a quarantine period.


On the Asian continent, South Korea can receive tourists. On the other hand, no precise information yet on the other countries of the continent.


Morocco has opened its borders just like Tunisia! Further down, Ethiopia, Kenya and Namibia are open.

The other countries :

Countries are not mentioned in this article but today it is advisable to check each destination carefully. Some destinations can turn out to be complicated when borders are closed, as was the case in the spring.


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Have a nice trip everyone and enjoy! Covid will one day be a bad memory