Santa Claus city

Santa Claus city

Affretement avion Rovaniemi


The city of Santa Claus is also the capital of Lapland and is very visited in winter not only for the holiday season but also until the end of March for the northern lights.

If you want to enjoy nature and breathtaking landscapes, Rovaniemi awaits you to discover a very rich region. His city is indeed the starting point for attractions such as the northern lights, the midnight sun or the Arctic Circle.

The city has many nice and cozy accommodation and is also an ideal destination for Mice and congresses. From Europe and in charter flights, summer and winter, the destination is really easy to prepare. On aircraft with 100 to 200 seats, we regularly operate aircraft charters to Rovaniemi.








A trip to Cuba at the heart of culture and history

There are many ways to spend a pleasant stay in Cuba. You can take a tour of the different monuments in this destination, for example, the Museum of the Revolution, the mausoleum of Che Guevara and the Fortress of Cabaña.

Make a visit to the Museum of the Revolution

To begin your tour in Cuba, you will have to go to the Museum of the Revolution. The latter is located in Havana, the country’s capital. It was built in 1913 and served as a residence for the various presidents who succeeded each other after its construction until 1957. Entering this building, you will see representatives reflecting the opposition made by Cubans to obtain their independence. You will see, for example, photos, models and flags. On your Cuba trip, you can also admire the famous golden phone used by Fulgencio Batista, a dictator of the region. You will also find an old boat named the Ark of Liberty. In addition, outside the building, you will discover a tank that served Fidel Castro for the attack on Houston, a ship carrying soldiers. You will see around this tank of battle old aircrafts.

Go to the mausoleum of Che Guevara

After your visit to the Museum of the Revolution, continue your discovery by visiting the mausoleum of Che Guevara. The latter is located on Plaza de la Revolución, in the city of Santa Clara. In addition, you will also have the opportunity to see the ancient objects of a country during a USA trip. Aside from this, the mausoleum of Che Guevara contains many symbols marking the history of Hernsto Guevara (a 1967 revolutionary known in the world). You will find in this site, for example, the eternal flame lit by Fidel Castro and a statue of Che with a child who shows that the people esteem Che. Moreover, this place is one of the most visited places in the region. During your expedition in this building, you will get information about the confrontation between the people led by Che Guevara and Fulgencio Batista.

The Fortress of Cabaña, a site not to be missed

After a detour to the mausoleum of Che Guevara, enjoy your trip to Cuba to visit the Fortress of Cabaña. The latter is located on the city of Havana, the capital of the country. It was built by the Spanish to protect the area. It was used as a military prison when Fugencio Batista ran the country. This huge building contains many buildings such as the Museum of Fortifications and Weapons. In addition, it has a length of 700 m. It is considered the largest fortress of America. If you come to this place around 9 pm, you will attend the celebration of Cañonazo. During this ceremony, several actors dressed in the clothes of the soldiers of the seventeenth century play a scene showing a cannon fire that signaled the closing of the doors of the great walls of the country.

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City of the sun par excellence, Malaga is located on the Costa Del Sol, very south of Spain. Port city, it is also a large seaside resort with many beaches and skyscrapers converted into hotels.

Malaga is a beautiful destination where life is good; the winter is mild, the spring is warming quickly and the summer holds all its promises. Tourism is very present for holidays in family or in couple but the Mice is also very present.

Indeed, its hotel accommodation capacity can be used to organize conferences or team-building that allow for great events; its history with its two citadels, Gibralfaro and Alcazaba give character to the city.

On the subject of air transport, it is easy to charter planes for Malaga, whether for renting private jets or chartering an airliner.

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  Located on the island of Crete, Heraklion is a popular destination in the spring because it offers many opportunities for short stays and holidays in the sun

Heraklion, or Iraklio, is the capital of Crete. It is famous for the palace of Knossos, located nearby. It is especially well known as soon as winter goes away as a popular tourist destination of Europeans and other nationalities.

Very accessible, charter flights are numerous from most airports. In chartering, it is better to take a medium-haul aircraft type Boeing 737 300 or 700 for the distance. Kevelair can also offer group flights and block seats on the destination.

A charter on Heraklion is generally profitable if the length of stay does not exceed three days in the spring and combines the summer with an established charter flights program. Aircraft charters on the summer are more difficult on sensitive dates like July and August.

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Dmc et réceptif au Panama, Orbis compose les meilleurs séjours, circuits ou excursions dans le pays le plus heureux du monde! Imaginez un petit pays où vous pourrez nager le matin dans le Pacifique et vous reposer dans l’après-midi sur la côte atlantique, visiter le célèbre Canal du Panama et profiter d’une soirée sur une terrasse à Casco Viejo. Le Panama est un pays authentique avec beaucoup de choses à découvrir; vous vous réveillez le matin dans une température chaude sur une plage du Pacifique et déjeunez dans un cratère où les températures sont d’environ 26 °. Culture, traditions et autour de 4 climats à découvrir. Notre équipe analysera vos rêves et imaginera avec vous la meilleure option pour découvrir notre beau pays; Nous envoyons presque tous les jours touristiques à chaque partie de notre pays, San Blas Paradise ou Anton Valley, Portobelo ou l’île de Coiba.

Le Panama devrait être sur votre liste de seau à coup sûr; Veuillez trouver ci-dessous 10 bonnes raisons de venir nous rendre visite pour profiter de votre voyage:

1) Panama est très facile à atteindre avec des routes directes d’Europe ou d’Amérique avec un grand panel de vols.

2) La ville de Panama est la ville la plus incroyable de toute l’Amérique latine offrant une vue très moderne sur le Pacifique et un vieux quartier incroyable, le Casco Viejo.

3) Le Panama peut vous offrir 2 océans pour nager, faire de la plongée sous-marine, pêcher ou faire de la voile et vous pouvez profiter des deux sur le même trajet.

4) La population du Panama est le meilleur melting-pot des cultures et vous pouvez rencontrer des gens de partout.

5) Panama est l’une des meilleures destinations en Amérique latine pour la sécurité et la sûreté, sauf la province de Darien qui est appart.

6) Environ un millier d’îles pourraient vous accueillir pour profiter de la nature et de la mer avec l’archipel de Las Perlas, San Blas et Bocas del Toro.

7) Canal de Panama est l’une des meilleures attractions au Panama, mais aussi dans le monde; c’est l’un des plus grands chantiers du monde et permet chaque jour un échange complet de produits entre l’Amérique, l’Europe et l’Asie; un endroit incroyable à visiter avec aussi les nouvelles écluses.

8) Le climat est également une clé dans notre pays; vous pourriez avoir une température tropicale typique du côté des Caraïbes et un printemps qui monte dans la vallée d’Anton, le cratère unique où les gens vivent à l’intérieur ou se rafraîchir à proximité du volcan Baru et se reposer parfois devant une cheminée. Le Panama est également protégé contre les ouragans et a une faible activité sismique. 9) La nature est juste incroyable, vous avez un parc à l’intérieur de la ville de Panama avec des oiseaux et des singes mais vous êtes également à seulement 25 minutes de la jungle. Un vrai paradis pour les oiseaux, la plongée et le trek. 10) Le Panama est une nation heureuse et vous apprécierez tous les jours comment la vie est simple et cool dans notre pays; vous vous sentirez comme à la maison et parfois mieux.

Pour reprendre et ne pas parler de la nourriture qui est aussi un point très, la musique ou la vie nocturne, le Panama devrait certainement être sur votre liste de seau! Contactez-nous pour découvrir nos merveilles.




Las Vegas is probably one of the well known town in USA and attract every year millions of tourist enjoying the casino and night life . Originally found by the Mormon community , it became a real town after the construction of the Hoover dam in 1930.

McCarran airport is today one of the busiest airport in United States for tourism and business trip ; going out of the town , you could discover the high value of national parks such as Grand Canyon , Monument Valley and Zion National Park .

This is really an amazing place to visit and the gate of western America !!!








Do you know this small Central American country? Do you know that Panama is the largest growth of the continent (excluding USA) in terms of the economy and that the Canal is not the only attraction?

Panama City is a city with many buildings like Miami and offers no less than 56 hotels with more than 4 stars; casinos are numerous and it is very easy to eat every kitchen as the population of this country is mixed!

Panama was elected there is little “country where people are the happiest in the world” and the diversity of culture, nature and landscapes are probably a part of this success.

Panama City has Colon on the Caribbean coast or Bocas del Toro in Chame you will find a wide variety of landscapes, cultures and things to see and do; if you like green tourism, discover the Valley of Anton or Boquete, David. Not to mention Gamboa, the canal and Lake Gatun

Do you prefer long beaches and the peaceful coves of the Caribbean, Panama offers no less than 1000 islands to discover.

Kevelair America, our new society based on Panama City, offers traditional air charter services but also receptive after many links with local operators (hotels, attractions, parks, boats).

Panama was elected among the 10 best destinations in the world by the US media

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Rio de Janeiro is Brazil’s second largest city after Sao Paulo in numbers of people but especially the most populous city of this vast country: its carnival and beaches made ​​his reputation as a city that attracts the sun chauqe years visisteurs million around the world. With over 11 million inhabitants, this town by the sea, is a megalopolis.

Located in the southern hemisphere, the summer season is inverted relative to Europe, from December to March and the annual average temperature is 24 °. Unfortunately, the city is also known for its many “favelas” but the government is actively working to changenement image of this city. The “Cariocas”, the name given to the inhabitants are proud of their city dominated by the “Sugar Loaf” and there are many sites to visit Rio.

Cultural richness comes from its mix of people and we open to other horizons. The national language is Portuguese.

Rio will be in the spotlight with three major events in the coming years:

* WYD (World Youth Day) will be held in 2013 there on July and according to the organizers attract over 4 million pilgrims.

* The World Cup will be held in 2014 and will be a major event because Brazil is a nation of football.

* Finally in 2016, the Olympic Games will also be held on site.

Kevelair for its part, takes groups on 2013 and plans for 2014 already on the World Cup.


Florida is the southernmost of the east coast of the UNITED STATES and has a reputation for providing nearly 320 days of sunshine a year, providing for its part is on the Atlantic Ocean, the west face bathed in the Gulf Mexico with almost 1900 km of coastline, the Americans nicknamed the “sunshine state”, the state or the sun shines, expression taken over all number plates of cars.

Lots to see at all times of the year with first Miami and its long white beaches and buildings on the beach, the atmosphere that mixes Latino communities Hispanic, Haitian and Canadian tourists who regularly winter, Miami is a beautiful city which combines ultra-modern neighborhoods and districts such as typical of Art Deco, a National Monument.

You can then go up the east coast to Daytona Beach and racing, visit Orlando and its very nombeux parks (Walt Disney, Seaworld) and take the time to go have a look at Cape Canaveral, mythical launches NASA rocket.

Side nature, trying to meet the special vessels wildlife and alligators in the Everglades. Florida is indeed a sunny destination with many things to see and do. Many airlines offer regular flights to Miami or Orlando and there are charter companies with attractive prices