Kevelair now operates shuttles for businesses; devices on short-haul, the company provides a turnkey service to businesses by enabling them to save time and focus solely on their business, here are the benefits:

Saving time:

The company sends the exact dates of his travels and Kevelair negotiating a charter company with respect to the number of passengers, the times requested and constraints. Movements become much simpler and faster because customers avoid congestion hubs, waiting times. The charterer pays all the details of the stops, preparing board services such as catering, press or otherwise.

Financial gain:

For example, consider a company that has a factory visit in Germany for a secondary airport, therefore no direct line to their destination, they are from 14 and must fly to a European hub such Paris Charles de Gaulle and then another flight to their destination, duration of travel time is approximately 6 hours if we include the time waiting in airports connection, this, it is necessary to add a room to and meals because the probability able to return the same day is low.

Even if we do not compute the fact that staff lose almost a day’s work to go back, the average cost avoisinne 1000 euro per passenger. A charter of a short-haul flight time from your airport 1:45 ET would cost approximately 1150 euro per passenger. (Base high). The air charter then have a little High but your staff do not lose a day of work and home in the evening at its base.

Working comfort:

Travel conditions therefore allow passenger comfort and productivity gains: no waiting at the airport (registration and boarding in 30 minutes), work and meeting possible in the plane, flexible hours (the meeting ends earlier you leave if possible).


In most cases studied, chartering a plane turns out to be the best solution for a business travel, saving both time and financial comfort for its employees; companies pass on the rental Kevelair plane back regularly in order to be offered a shuttle companies, thus ensuring tranquility.

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