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Who we are ?

After more than 30 years spent in charter and regular airlines, the air charter company  was created in 2009 to meet the aspirations of its customers; Specialists in air charter, the company finds its foundation in the expertise and optimization of the service rendered.

Our Experience:

With more than ten years of operating aircraft and thousands of hours stolen all over the world, our experience allows us to determine very quickly your needs and solutions to bring you. Our daily presence in the on-demand air transport market means that we can advise you on the choices to be made in chartering aircraft.

Mission: Your satisfaction!

This is the first of the missions that we want to bring you because it is important for you and for us to guarantee the satisfaction of the customers transported. For this, we operate a tailor-made service, not neglecting any detail because a chartered flight is composed of many speakers. The second mission is to propose the appropriate solution to all the requests, to be able to create with you a relation of confidence by bringing our advice, our knowledge .Because we create charter flights, our coaching services are complete and will offer you to study together the parameters of the success of the operation .

Our values:

Chartering a plane is a job that requires knowledge truly the field and we act as advisers to our customers. We offer companies that we know perfectly on devices that we follow regularly, both in terms of reliability and safety.

Our goal

After 10 years of flights operated all over the world, our goal in 10 years is to give our brand a true imprint in the world air transport landscape.

Our Achievements in the first 10 years:

Kevelair operates chartered charter flights every week and charters all types of aircraft. Here are some milestones of our history:

 2009: Acmi rental of a Boeing 737/400 long-term on Greece for the summer; drafting of contracts, monitoring of wet lease operations, reconciliation with post-flight companies. Private jet flights for a golf company on Miami

 2009: Sporting trips on all European football cups. Champion’s League and Europa League for French and Italian clubs

 2010: Operation of 650 people from European cities for a car manufacturer; implementation of rotations, optimization of flight hours and costs of aircraft charters, on-site management of aircraft and passengers and assembly of a transport plan

. 2011: full coverage of the “Arab Spring” with evacuation of people from European and American companies from Tunisia. Airlift then with Egypt with two daily flights to Europe, traffic rights management and flight coordination. Special flights then from Libya for urgent evacuation in the war zone.

2011: Launch of “oil recovery” flights from Europe to West Africa: Port Gentil, Lagos, Luanda and Calabar. On-site transfer management, chartered flights and operational management on behalf of European and US customers.

2012: Airport consultancy for the establishment of semi-regular lines. Implementation of a device, operational and crew management, optimization of lines and resale of empty seats.

2012: GSA for two European companies with marketing and optimization of flight programs.

2013: Incentive operation in Greece with 978 passengers from the main European commercial cities; purchase of seats for groups, charter of long-haul and medium-haul aircraft.

2013: Pilgrimage flights to Lourdes and Rome with the installation of a Boeing 737 300 with 148 seats. Management of the sick, coordination with the tour operators.

2014/2015: Development of seasonal lines by exploiting the charter capacities of regular companies.

2016: Incentive operations on the Caribbean and introduction of charter flights from the West Indies

Humanitarian missions in Padang, Indonesia, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

These are just some of our milestones. Kevelair is present every year on the charter of aircraft for sports trips, incentives on major operations Mice.

Our group also operates series charter flights on behalf of tour operators and aircraft rentals in Acmi or special flights. To know us better: Since each mission is different, Kevelair brings above all advice and is only tailor-made for its customers. Our knowledge of the market allows us to identify potential companies that will meet your needs .

The  air charter company for all your personal or professional trips. From plane taxi to rental charter flights for the organization of conventions, Mice and events. Each year, our planes fly around the world for business seminars, incentives or sports trips.

Made up of airline experts, our teams are available 24 hours a day to answer your requests and questions. The air services offered are: charter flights, private jet hire, corporate shuttle, emergency flights for evacuation in war zones or humanitarian aid.

Kevelair also works a lot in pilgrimage flights and offers seats every year on holy sites. Really tailor-made in terms of plane charter, our company is flying its customers around the world with the same concern for quality and comfort.

Specialized in air transport for ten years, our offices cover time zones to meet the demands.

Airplane charter is our job.

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