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You feel worried to wait for airport filters and security? You goal is to earn time and money? KEVELAIR allow you to gain time by renting a jet for your leisure or business work worldwide . From the small turboprop for small flights to heavy jets for longhaul flights , we provide you as an air charter broker , the suitable solution for your travel plans .

1 A question of time

Renting a jet is very often a solution to earn tome and money; compagnies now need to find some space in their agenda and have the possibility to work confidentially during the travel trip, by chartering a jet, you choose the timings, special destinations and avoid airport hubs, congestion and stress. You just have to give us a call or send us an email with your needs and we answer you very quickly with several possibilities . Air charter a jet is a very simple action and we will be able to assist you in your travel requests .

2 A tailor made service

As your trip is unique, KEVELAIR is proposing you a dedicate solution to your needs bearing in mind that safety and security are the main points; we discuss together about timings, special needs on board, services at the airport and additionnal possibilities such as business rooms awaiting for your aircraft or limousine services. We deliver you the best catering options, wifi on board if needed and many small services to have the best travel .

3 A price of business jet, not a costy solution

We often think that a charter jet is very expensive but if you take the following items in consideration , you will see that air charter a jet will be the solution to save money and time :

  • Departure from small airports , business, well located in downtown or next
  • you just have to be at the airport at least 30 minutes before
  • you could work during your flight
  • no wasting time in security checks, luggage deliveries or checking
  • we will fly with your times requested
  • not hotels needed to wait a regular flight

4 The simple way to fly

Avoid long walk to terminal, park you car in front of the VIP terminal and just jump in your flight 15 minutes prior departur! That’s the way we make your fly, tou call us, we send a proposal, then an invoice and take care about your confort.

Rent a jet will be very simple for your now !

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