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Urgent charter fligths and special


Special flights are one of the key of our success on the market today. We bring aircraft to many clients during the “arabian spring” and evacuate thousand of people out of war contries. Our perfect knowledge of traffic rights, handling and special permission is your main point.

1 Evacuation flights

In a very short time, KEVELAIR is able to provide your worldwide a charter solution to evacuate your emplyees, citizen or others. We know the urgency of the situation and anticipate

2 Sport events

Champion league, Europa league, Euro or rugby events are no secret for us as we gfly for teams, fans and VIP worldwide. We have many tiumes several aircraft dedicated to such events, mixing a dedicated to such events, mixing a dedicate for the teams and journalists and others for VIP and fans.

3 Oil flights

Crew vessel : utilization of an hudge hub un Europ to get all passengers to the same point than charter a dedicate aircraft to depart to West Africa : special meals on board and equipement, flight follow on radar to advise the tour leader standby at the arrival airport.

4 Cargo flights

For any type of urgent piece to send, live animals or boxes wordwide.


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