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” READY TO CONTRACT”, the new air charter product of Kevelair

Kevelair launches “Ready to Contract” to pursue its development

Kevelair, a Nantes company specializes in air charter tailored launch from December 1, 2012 a new formula for charter to allow many clients to be able to fly at pre-determined budgets
in advance: the “Ready to Contract”

With its location on the rental market for airliners worldwide, Kevelair is often required to negotiate with the airlines in order to best comply with the budget of its clients from this observation The company implements a simple principle that will allow companies to work on pre-established budgets. Here is the principle:
• The client determines Kevelair with staff, the overall price possible or seat that his client is willing to put her to perform charter flights.
• The client undertakes to confirm the flight if the budget is.
• Kevelair, in light of its experience, will then examine the market with prices that some companies can work focused on this type of file.
• A company meets the asking price Kevelair on behalf of the client.
• Kevelair then engages with the customer and the company on the fixed price and chartering aircraft.

Of course, it is possible that companies respond negatively according to their rested or because the price offered for charter does not match their calculations.

This service can be broken on all types of flights Kevelair operates today:
• On the business aviation flights, the price of a private jet on a given routing takes little time and then the company gives its consent or not on file. Adhoc On charter flights, according to the bases and equipment possible capital, the company may decide to file.
• On the organization of incentive where records often require multiple devices, the mounting is done differently.

This concept is intended primarily for periods more or less hollow and is difficult to apply during high season but arrangements are possible depending on the dates and aircraft capabilities.

Thus, companies that receive this type of request, immediately know if they accept the budget, they will operate the flight and lose less time to offer prices that remain unanswered.

Kevelair has made more than 24 flights this year on this concept there, in the fields of pilgrimage as in the charter of incentive or sports.

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