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Realization of a charter flight

Air charter broker

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Realization of a charter flight

When you confirm a flight with your air broker, you wonder what the next steps are. Here they are by chronology:

The confirmation of the charter:

Your broker asks you for a written confirmation of your next charter flight in order to have a frame of your file. This must include, in addition to the price, the times requested and the number of passengers and details that best prepare the flight.

From this moment, the broker communicates with the company designated to operate the flight by sending in turn, all the hourly elements and details provided by the customer.

Generally, this confirmation is sent to the commercial department of the airline.

Therefore, the different services are contacted by the sales department and it is called “flight launch”. Generally, a card is established to give the elements in all the services concerned. The plane schedule then returns the flight on a device.
Then, the crew planning service gradually affects the sailors on this mission.

Then come the catering services for meals on board and stopovers.

Finally, flight operations are informed because they are the ones who manage the flight on the day. The operation then handles airport authorization requests, take-off and landing slots as well as fueling elements.

The week of the flight:

In the week of the flight, the different services are coordinated in order to adjust the last details, add elements to allow optimal exploitation. Often, stops are contacted to know if on their side, everything is ready to receive the flight. Flight placement, the “ferry” as the aerial language names them, are checked.

The day before the flight:

The charter company checks the day before or 72 hours before the day that all the components of this chartered flight are in place. A weather point is made, especially over the winter period. Indeed, fog, low ceiling or snow or ice disturbances are always possible.

D-Day Air Charter:

The broker communicates with the stopovers to know if everything is going well at the level of the recording but also with the operations to know the last information on the flight.
The relay is then carried out with the client who is constantly informed of the status of his charter flight