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Why charter a plane?

Charter a plane, whether in business aviation in a private jet or rent a plane first gives great flexibility in selection of travel devices, schedule flexibility and adaptability to the requirements of your schedule and their wishes. Also provides a greater choice of services that are extensible. Custom catering on board, the privatization of the cab, Privacy

Good reason to rent a private jet? 

Renting a private first represents a saving of some scheduled flights compared to time; to come before 1:30 output queues police filters for the duration of your stay, a private plane available; you can choose the time, go through secondary airports less congested with traffic, you have a premium service that allows you to continue working or take a coffee while waiting for departure.

Then you are alone on board with your colleagues or whether it is a business trip, so you can quietly enjoy the flight time to adjust some details, work or just relax.

The preconceived idea that the price of a private jet is high is false, it is often more beneficial to share a private jet to take business class on scheduled flights. Finally, take a private jet gives saving time is precious.

For rent a large capacity aircraft?

For long trips, conferences and incentives, sports flights, charter a plane high capacity is the solution the most adapted to initiate a project, choose their schedules, a particular service on board, a customization of your flight. [/Reponse]

What kind of plane choose for their flights?

There is a wide variety of aircraft, whether the aircraft business or line of business aircraft. In a short drive, it is often best to choose a turboprop (propeller unit) often cheaper and just as effective, safe and comfortable. In aviation flights and business jets, depending on distance and number of passengers have proposed a wide range of business jets that respond exactly to your transportation needs. For incentive trips and sports, it is often preferred line type load devices 100 200 seats, with the same advantages as those offered rental bikes. Now, on some routes, device 100 seats can be offered for 40-50 passengers.

What is the price of a plane?

It depends critically on the distance but also the time in the hotel, if the unit stays in place (immobilization) or restarts at its base (double rotation); it also depends on the wish to travel period. In a private jet, prices vary depending on the type of device and the distance.

If there is only one round trip Paris Geneva, the price per hour in a small stream can range from 2200 to 250a euros an hour, knowing that will take about an hour from point to point.

For a flight Paris-New York, a transatlantic jet will be required and it will then be necessary to consider a much larger budget.

In a commercial airplane, take the example of a letter as part of a sports movement: once calculated flight times and the number of passengers, it is understood that it is much more advantageous to switch to the letter, a private plane that allows you to reach quickly to the destination taking into account the imperatives of dates, flight catering for sports and late departure (after the game).

Incentives for the operation, the number of passengers per day in place to accurately determine the price of the card; Passengers often group recommended by area and find a good airport meeting to fill a device, which significantly reduces costs associated with transport; the benefits are first great flexibility in terms of prices and schedules. Finally, no specific prices for emergency evacuations, companies then offer a price, taking into account the specificities of the mission; many parameters come into play, insurance, risks associated with the device and the safety of crew and passengers

Why choose Kevelair?

Upon receipt of your application instantly we judge aim rental opportunities and the companies concerned, even then the price is calculated to see if it corresponds to the criteria of charter. With over 30 years experience in air transport, perfectly we mastered everything that constitutes a letter and can measure the price.

Then we make a point on the market specifically choosing operators that can make this demand letter and determine ourselves then what we will offer to our customers.

Our specific positioning flights pilgrimages and emergency evacuations of the world, it also allows us to offer solutions of charter flights for high-end conventions, flying programs work directly with companies.

Then we have a specific preparation of the case, first focusing on the safety and comfort of our customers; with a database of more than 6,000 aircraft around the world, we constantly researching the airlines, their strengths, crew training and maintenance.
Our past experience in the airline and allows us to analyze and evaluate the bids before responding to our customers of the merits of our proposals quickly.

Kevelair make just-commissioned, you have a single point of signing a contract until the end of his mission

Including a charter plane?

Usually includes the hour flight from point A to point B, catering served on board benefits, the different rates of passengers and registration, loading and unloading.
But he understands and advice and expertise of its most important air corridor that will follow the progress records, contracts and they were written to the end of your flight.
Several variables are then possible with additional benefits.

What kind of charter flights?

– Book taxi or private jet, ideal for private or business travel and corporate shuttles
– Executives and corporate flights in upscale appliances: often reserved for official delegations, but also sports clubs
– Flights for sports trips: sports clubs or sponsors, fans, regularly use this type of letter
– Charter flights or other incentive convention: ideal for organizing a convention, charter flight is often a customized flight schedules to strict imperatives board services.
– Air Evacuations: it is often longer to prepare, as they require a very large organization
– Chains charter: either the sun or ski destinations or seasonal flights, flight chains allows a given moment to increase the capacity of an air route
– Cargo flights urgent transport of part or delivery across the world, a charter cargo flight is often a solution used to compensate for a problem to break the chain or troubleshooting

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