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The Boeing 737/800 , ideal for charter flights


The Boeing 737/800 , ideal for charter flights

The Boeing 737/800 is available in many cabin and engine versions, but today it is the most suitable medium-haul aircraft in terms of autonomy and comfort on board for passengers; widely used around the world, it is highlighted for its high reliability and reasonable operating costs.

As the direct competitor of the Airbus A320, it has a greater range of action and can be deployed on a high-density 189-seat cabin.

Kevelair regularly charters this aircraft because it perfectly matches the expectations of our customers. On sports trips or incentive flights, we generally use the entire cabin; on the oil flights which are relatively long in flight time, we put only about fifty passengers on board who lie down (night flights); Finally, pilgrimages flights, the central aisle facilitates the handling of wheelchairs.

Belonging to the Boeing 737 family, the first of which was launched in 1967, the Boeing 737-100, it is considered a new generation in the 1990s. We are talking about “Next Generation” just like the Boeing 737-700 series.

Less fuel-intensive than the first generations, it is also powered by new engines to improve its performance and runway autonomy. Regular airlines find it quickly attractive because its 189-seat cab provides greater performance. Some companies like Ryanair only own this series of airliners.

Today, this device is common in charter companies because the demands of tour operators and travel agencies in medium-haul involve a good availability seats.

Its main competitor, however, remains the Airbus A320 which has a version of 180 seats in general.